Claims Management Services

Let us assist you with your claims management needs. We can provide complete management of WSIB Claims and ESRTW (Early and Safe Return to Work) initiatives.
The law requires you to report within 3 calendar days of learning of your reporting obligation as a result of a work related accident/illness.

We can provide complete management of WSIB Claims and ESRTW (Early and Safe Return to Work) initiatives.

Major services of our program include:

  • Assistance completing all WSIB forms
  • Acting as mediator between WSIB and health care practitioners
  • Developing and executing the work reintegration program with altered work packages
  • Observing and reviewing modified work progress
  • Following up on functional abilities information
  • Assisting with SIEF cost relief and transfer of costs
  • Representing clients at WSIB and WSIAT appeal hearings
We take on the responsibility for your safety management so you can focus on your business.

Return To Work

Most people who have a workplace injury or illness are able to return to part-time, accommodated or alternate work even while they are still recovering, provided that the work is physically and cognitively suited to the injury or illness and respects the worker’s dignity.

Work reintegration is the process of returning to work following a period of disability. The process starts as soon as you learn that the worker has had a work-related injury or illness and continues throughout your worker’s recovery and period of impairment.

Work reintegration includes collaboration and co-operation between you, your worker, treating health professionals, union representatives, authorized representatives for you and/or your worker and the WSIB. It focuses on active recovery in the workplace whenever possible and goal-oriented work transition plans when needed.

We're committed to supporting activities that lead to successful return to work outcomes.

Workplace Safety

For every 1 workplace fatality there are 400 Lost Time Injuries, 20,000 Minor Injuries, 240,000 Near Misses, and 2 Million Unsafe Acts.

Don't let your employees be a statistic. Call Aegis today!